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Zacatecas NightlifeZacatecas nightlife offers a little something for everyone. In Zacatecas you will find bars, coffee shops, discotheques. A famous bar is located deep inside of the once operating silver mine of Mina del Eden. It is the only bar in the country that is located inside of a mine shaft. Zacatecas has a famous tradition called Callejoneada Zacatecana, which involves drinking your way through the city's narrow alleys with drums and horns following a mescal-laden burro, ending often for wealthier revelers in a dinner in former bullring of the Hotel Quinta Real. If you encounter a callejoneada in the streets, it is always good form to join the fun. We have a spectacular selection of Zacatecas bars and nightclubs. Including Zacatecas discos, Zacatecas sports bars and lounge bars in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Barekay - Modern popular lounge bar and dining with minimalist decor and low lighting * DJ spins nightly and there is a rock band that performs on Fridays * Located at Paseo Diaz Ordaz #717 Cerro del Grillo Zacatecas * Tel: 492-922-7194

El Malacate Discotheque - Disco bar located inside Mina del Eden silver mine * The only bar in the country located inside a mine shaft * Owners spent millions to set this place up and they boast a type of laser that is only found elsewhere in Las Vegas * The club is open Thursday through Sunday from 9:30pm to 2am, call in advance to reserve a table * Tel: 492-922-3727 or 492-922-3002

Shiva - Popular casual nightclub in Zacatecas * Considered by locals as one of the best clubs in town * Located at Av. Tacuba #140 Centro Historico Zacatecas * Tel: 492-544-4383


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