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If you like meat then you will love Zacatecas. Zacatecas cuisine is composed mostly of high qulity meats and dairy. Beef is usually marinated in a thick sauce of chiles, garlic, onions and tomatoes, then grilled and served with tortillas. This dish is often accompanied with Huitzila mezcal, a typical alcoholic beverage from Zacatecas. You can also wash it down with aguamiel (honey water) or tenampa, which can be bought by a local guy that walks around with his donkey with jugs on its back. The best option for restaurants in Zacatecas are located in the hotels or on Avenida Juarez. Below is a list of restaurants, dining establishments, food and places to eat in Zacatecas, Mexico Zacatecas Restaurants

El Paraiso - Prepares traditional Zacatecan dishes such as enchilades de ayer * Converted century old cantina for the Zacatecano elite * Tel: 492-922-6164

La Cuija - Fine restaurant specializing in regional food * Special local wines from the owners Cachola Vineyards * Mexican trio performs on Thursday thru Sunday * Tel : 492-922-8275

La Plaza - Luxury restaurant located in the Quinta Real Hotel * Overlooking the bull ring and serving dishes of the Mexican and Hispanic cuisine in its diverse kind of preparations * La Plaza offers appetizing breakfast, lunch and dinner a la carte and nourishing breakfast buffet on Sundays * Tel: 492-922-9104 or in the US: 1-866-621-9288


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