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Zacatecas Ecological and Adventure ToursNamed “Cultural Patrimony” by UNESCO in 1994, Zacatecas is one of the most preserved colonial city in Mexico in Mexico. It is part of the Colonial Treasures of Mexico and its cultural inheritance is truely impressive. Zacatecas offers several tours that allow you to explore all that the city of Zacatecas has to offer. Take an airial tour of the city on the teleferico. The teleferico will take visitors to the top of Cerro de la Bufa and Cerro del Grillo. At the top of Cerro de la Bufa explore the silver mine of Mina del Eden. There is a train tour that takes you deep into the mine shaft. The tour covers approximately a mile and features a lot of galleries, hanging bridges and tunnels. This is the only tour in the country that allows you to go into an actual mine. The majestic and exuberant Barroquial Cathedral, Mercado Gonzalez Ortega, Teatro Calderon and the Plaza Goitia are all begging to be explored. Traverse these and other cultural centers where locals and visitors alike meet to enjoy the wonder that Zacatecas. The services or information below provide information on various tours in and around Zacatecas such as ecological tours, rappeling, zip line, white water rafting and more. If you want to add a tour in Zacatecas Contact Us

Mina del Eden - Train tour that takes you 300 meters into the once prosperous silver mine of Mina el Eden * There are several museums inside as well as a underground discoteque * Tours offered daily from 10am til 10.30 pm * Tel: 492-922-3002 Ext 102

Teleferico - Built by the Swiss in 1979 Teleferico offers unobstructed views of the city of Zacatecas * Teleferico is the fastest way to the top of Cerro de la Bufa and Cerro del Grillo * Poen Monday thru Sunday from 10am til 6pm * Cost around $3 US Online Mexico Insurance 

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